vRankerPro Review – Fast Page 1 Google Rankings (ZERO Skills or Knowledge Required)

Ranking in Google isn’t something that ‘anyone’ can do. It generally has a steep learning curve, and lots of ‘trial and error’ is involved. There is an endless stream of local businesses out there who are in that same boat. They have no clue how to get their business on the first page of Google.

How would you like to rank on the 1st page of Google, for local keywords using video? Without needing any prior “SEO” knowledge or complex skills. Even better, what if there was a way that you could get other people’s businesses ranked in Google, quickly and easily, without having any prior knowledge on how to do so? Imagine how many businesses would be willing to hand you cash, in exchange for these elusive Google rankings?

Well, here is the solution, and I highly recommend that you take a look at it right now. A brand-new ‘Google ranking’ software has just been released called vRankerPro, that allows you to rank videos in 7 different niches, for any Town or City in the World. If you want access to this powerful video ranking strategy, you’ll find everything you need to know in my vRankerPro Review.

vRankerPro Review – Overview

Product Name: vRankerProvRankerPro Review

Creators: Andy Black

Official Price: $24.95

Launch Date: August 10th, 2017

Launch Time: 10AM EST

Sales Page: CLICK HERE

Special Bonus: Available

What Is vRankerPro?

vRankerPro is a cloud-based software that allows users to rank highly in Google for a number of ‘local’ niche keywords.

The software is loaded with 7 profitable niches, and a number of ‘searched for’ keyword templates under each niche. Users can then rank highly for these niche keywords for different Towns and Cities of their choice.  Providing them with almost limitless possibilities.

More importantly, ZERO SEO skills or knowledge is required! It takes just seconds for the software to work its magic and deliver its results!

The software uses a strategy that has been tested heavily over recent years and is now proving to be more effective than ever.

vRankerPro Review

About The Creator

Andy Black is a professional Internet marketer and product creator, especially in the SEO field. He started his career in 2007 and he continued to grow, learn and move forwards with his own personal goals and aspirations and will hopefully help many marketers along the way.

In between creating products and growing his business he love to share his thoughts, views and case studies on his blog. He has created many popular products such as: Keyword Spinner, Social Link Machine v2, SemantixPro…

The 7 Niches You You Can Tap Into Using vRankPro

We cover emergency dentistry, teeth whitening and even the highly lucrative ‘tooth implants’ niche. Dental clinics earn BIG money from this type of dentistry work, and having page 1 Google rankings will be extremely valuable to them.
Luxury Bathrooms: Bathroom companies charge a lot of money for luxury bathrooms. Often in the $15,000 – $50,000 range, so having more leads and enquiries for their products will make YOUR service a ‘No Brainer’ for them. We have loaded this niche with many keyword templates so that you can push lots of value their way – And charge them a premium for that value!
Tree Removal: This industry is surprisingly saturated due to its profitability. Having their video showcased on the first page of Google is something they will not only want, but NEED.
Roofing: Every home and commercial property has a roof, and you’d be surprised how often these need fixing. Roofing companies will jump at the chance to have their business planted firmly on the first page of Google.
Pest Control: When home owners have their home invaded by pests, they want to have the matter resolved as soon as possible. Your client can SELL their services in a visual way using video, and YOU can get that video in the RIGHT position in Google.
Burglar / Security Alarms: When people are worried about the security of their family home, or business premises they want to know that their security is in safe hands. Your client will be able to showcase their products and services in a video, and give them the peace of mind that they’re using the best company for the job. You can get that video high up in Google, and CLOSE a deal with them.
Painting and Decorating: Everyone needs to paint or decorate their homes from time to time, and many prefer to bring in a ‘professional’ to do that. It’s easy for a ‘decorator’ to show off their work using video, and EASY for you to get that video ranked in Google. They’ll LOVE you for that!

What Are The Benefits Of Using vRankerPro?

 Allows users to rank videos highly on Google with ZERO SEO skills or knowledge.

 Gets results fast! Rankings usually appear within minutes.

 No shortage of keywords to target as can be used for any town or city around the world.

 Results and top rankings can be SOLD or RENTED to offline / local businesses

 Can be used to build an entire offline marketing business

 Cloud-based software so can be accessed from any browser on any machine

 Allows users to PERFECTLY optimize video title, description and tags using semantic content (that Google LOVES).

Why You Should Use vRankerPro

Ask yourself these questions! Do you enjoy creating videos? Are you good at it? What if there was an easy way for you to turn your ‘video creations’ into a regular, consistent income?

Well, it’s no secret that Google is the place to be, and every single business wants to have their brand, products and services positioned on that elusive first page. If there was a simple but highly effective way in which you could do this for them (using VIDEO!), would you be interested in that? If the answer is yes, there’s no better choice than vRankerPro.

The best part about this software is, it’s point and click simple… and you can target any town or location of your choice. It’s very clever how this works, and it’s a long-term strategy where the rankings just stick to the page. In fact, me and his students are ‘making bank’ each and every month, by applying this exact strategy. You can currently get access to vRankerPro and start applying this strategy yourself, for the lowest possible price. It will only be available at this price for a limited time only. Don’t hesitate to grab this once in a life time opportunity.

vRankerPro Review


9.7 Total Score

Easy To Use
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Thank you for taking your time to read my vRankerPro Review. I hope this information will be helpful to you since it is based on my honest thoughts about the tool after testing it.

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