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If you want to make real money online, it really boils down to you have 3 main things: a website, traffic, and a way to convert that traffic into money. In a website, there are a certain number of pages that gererates most of our income. For online marketers, we call them “money page”. As its name indicates, it is specifically designed to make sales or dedicated for sole monetization purposes. Because money page is where we connect to the visitors in the most direct way, it needs high quality content.

I believe the best type of content for money page is videos. There is no doubt that video marketing is the most powerul strategy in the internet marketing world. People love watching videos, and there are high chances that they are going to click on your ads or your call to action button. Unfortunately, to build a money page with flashy videos and well-designed for high conversion rates, it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming if you’re not sure what you’re doing. And if you outsourced any of those tasks, you could easily find yourself spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I have great news for you. Thanks to Glynn Kosky and Ariel Sanders, you now have the chance to get your hands on a brand new software that’s changing everything in the world of online marketing and does ALL of the hard work for you – Traffikrr. In my Traffikrr Review, I will show you the fastest way to build a website and make money using other people’s videos.

Traffikrr Review – Overview

Product Name: Traffikrr

Creators: Glynn Kosky & Ariel SandersTraffikrr Review

Official Price: $37

Launch Date: August 8th, 2017

Launch Time: 10AM EST

Sales Page: CLICK HERE

Special Bonus: Available

What Is Traffikrr?

Traffikrr is an extremely powerful WordPress plugin that will build you a viral “money site” in minutes filled with content and videos direct from Youtube on complete auto pilot.

Traffikrr will then automatically search for new videos on Youtube channels you select, as often as you wish, and then the minute those videos are posted on Youtube, the plugin then posts these new videos direct to your “money site” AND create a brand new post on your blog and pushes these videos onto your Facebook fan page at the very same minute.

Other social sites are being added to the plugin as we speak.

Traffikrr Review

About The Vendors

Glynn Kosky is an expert in the field of Internet Marketing. In his early years, Glynn took advantage of the rapid rise in eCommerce online and started to sell computer games and software via his own website. This then lead Glynn to run several success business in a variety of niches using the highly successful eBay and Amazon platforms. Since 2013 Glynn decided to go completely digital and now runs a highly successful digital marketing business meaning he his not location dependant, allowing him to pursue his passion of travelling around the world and exploring new cultures.

Glynn and his partner, Ariel Sanders, together they have created many famous products such as: Instant Product Lab, Hijackrr… which helped thousands of marketers succeed in their business.

What Are The Great Features Of Traffikrr?

 Newbie Friendly plugin that’s easy to install and use – Even with ZERO tech skills

 Traffikrr builds you a complete site with the newest content and videos on complete autopilot

 Traffikrr automatically posts this content onto your Facebook fanpage

 One click install with a very basic one-time setup required to get a forever flow of traffic to your “money site”

 Traffikrr helps to grow your Facebook fan page by posting brand new videos on autopilot

 Destroy your competition by having the NEWEST videos posted on your site and fan page before anyone else

 Videos posted on your site can have ads appear at any time during playback

 Money & Commissions can be generated via a variety of ways via your “money site” that Traffikrr builds for you

 Works in ANY NICHE & ANY Videos can be automatically posted to your fan page & site – Just select which channels you want the system to post from!

 Plug & Play system with groundbreaking technology – Never been seen before

Why You Should Use Traffikrr

This easy-to-use plugin is unlike anything you’ve seen before and makes what used to be hard become easy. If you’re tired of struggling to create websites, get traffic, and make money… and you’re looking for a simple system for making thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions with just minutes of your time, you’ll want to get your hands on this brand new software.

Traffikrr does all the hard work for you and makes it easier than ever to create a website, get traffic, and profit. Traffikrr is packed with everything you need to start making money right away. With literally a mouse click, Traffikrr will create a great looking website using the freshest, most-recently posted videos on YouTube. An easy-to-use graphical interface makes Traffikrr easy for anyone to use. Just point and click and Traffikrr takes over from there. You are able to create websites without creating any of your own content… ever!

Traffikrr works on autopilot to find the freshest YouTube videos and adds them to your website as soon as they get posted on YouTube. After creating your website for you, Traffikrr searches every 30 minutes to find new videos, post them to your website, and then it will also post to Facebook, getting you tons of FREE traffic. You can monetize any website or any offer that you want… There are no limits to how you can use this. Traffikrr works in any niche and gets you traffic and makes you money while you sleep. When someone clicks on the video blog post on your website to watch the video, and fully customizable ad overlay pops up taking the visitor to any offer you want. No one has ever released a software that does everything Traffikrr does.

Traffikrr Review


Is this software newbie friendly?

Yes, it’s 100% newbie-friendly and easy for anyone to use. But don’t let the simplicity fool you. This software tool is extremely powerful and will make newbies and experienced marketers a lot of money.

Do I need anything special to use this software?

Nothing special is required. It’s a WordPress plugin, so it takes just a few seconds to upload and install on any site using WordPress. Once installed, it’s easy to get things setup using the simple, graphical user interface. It truly is ‘point and click’ easy… No coding or design skills required.

Is the traffic this generates really free?

Yes, the traffic you get comes from the software automatically postings videos on Facebook, and the traffic is 100% FREE and highly targeted.

Why is this better than other site builders and traffic-getting software?

You would need at least 3 other software tools to do what Traffikrr does… Traffikrr replaces… Site builder software Traffic software Video overlay software Plus, it does what all these software tools do in one place so it’s faster, it’s easier, and it works much better than anything you’ve ever seen before.

How much traffic can I get with this?

The traffic-getting opportunity is unlimited. It’s very possible to have hundreds of visitors daily right out of the gates. And the best part about this is… Once you get things setup, the software continues to work on autopilot to get you traffic and make you sales.

How long does it take to get things setup?

You can be up-and-running within a few minutes of getting your hands on this today.

How much daily work do I need to put into this?

Unless you want to setup new sites across multiple niches, you don’t have to do any work. Once this is setup, it runs on TOTAL autopilot to get you traffic and make you money.

Who should get Traffikrr?

If you’re doing almost anything online, you’ve ever struggled to get traffic, or you just like shortcuts, you need this. Traffikrr works for… Affiliate marketing CPA offers Lead generation and list-building Selling your own products eCommerce High-ticket offers And more…

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you get 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let they know, and they’ll send you a prompt refund.


9.3 Total Score

Easy To Use
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Thank you for taking your time to read my Traffikrr Review. I hope this information will be helpful to you since it is based on my honest thoughts about the tool after testing it.

Don’t forget, I am offering some great bonuses when you purchase Traffikrr through my website. If you want to read more review about the newest digital products, subscribe to my website. I’m looking forward to see you in my next article. Goodbye, Have a good day!


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