ChromEngage Review – New tech for automated list building + Free Traffic

Internet marketing can be a bit of a catch 22 if you’re just starting out. Everyone tells you, you need a list.  Sure, this makes sense. A database of subscribers who want to buy from you? Yes, you need that and the bigger your list, the more profitable it will be. But what do you do when:

– You’re just starting out and have no list to begin with?

– You want to branch out to a new niche?

– You need more leads for existing lists

And… you don’t want to spend money on paid traffic which can come with a (pretty risky and expensive) learning curve. Well, here’s the solution.  It’s just been released and is causing quite the buzz! They called it ChromEngage and it’s a powerful software tool that allows you to get your own lead and traffic machine in minutes. If you want to learn how to get highly targeted leads on complete autopilot, you’ll find everything you need to know in my ChromEngage Review.

ChromEngage Review – Overview

Product Name: ChromEngage

Creators: Cindy DonovanChromEngage Review

Official Price: $22.97

Launch Date: August 18th, 2017

Launch Time: 11AM EST

Sales Page: CLICK HERE

Special Bonus: Available

What Is ChromEngage?

ChromEngage is a Website to Chrome extension conversion solution, however the users are not limited to that, they can use it to generate email & push notification leads by giving a lead magnet and utilizing the Google’s Chrome extension directory of over 1.5 billion people.

ChromEngage creates Chrome Extensions ready to publish instantly, that become powerful leadmagnets on your website and inside the Google Extension directory.

ChromEngage Review

About The Author

Cindy Donovan is a mother of two and businesswoman who, at the age of just 29 was diagnosed with cancer, dropped out of university and has gone onto become cancer-free and establish a seven-figure business working from home!

Cindy is the co-founder of IM Wealth Builders Ltd. She founded Wildfire Concepts in 2015, with the goal of bringing new products and tools, which are simple to use, which help small business owners, affiliate marketers, email marketing list builders and blog owners, to increase their earnings, build their lists faster and generate larger affiliate pay checks – all with fun, easy to use themes and plugins. Some of her popular products are: Viral Loop, Video Overplay, WP Blazer, Convert Commissions, WP Scope…

What Are The Great Features Of ChromEngage?

 Your Own Chrome Extension Lead Magnet In Minutes In Google’s Directory

 Deliver Unlimited Push Notifications AND Capture Email Leads Too

 100% Newbie Friendly Way To Make Money

 Sell More Affiliate Products To An Entirely New (FREE) Audience

 Get Masses Of Extra Free Subscribers From The Directory AND Fast Google Ranking

 Easiest Way To Get More Signups, Traffic & Sales With A Simple 2 Minute Setup

 30 Day, No Risk Money Back Guarantee

How It Works

I am truly shocked that nobody has created something this simple to use, yet this powerful completely automated lead generation before – from one of the biggest directories (over 1.4 billion people use this!). Check out the demo video below to see how it works:

Why You Should Use ChromEngage

I think, up until now – there’s been this idea that Chrome Extensions are expensive to build and complicated to get approval by the Big G (aka. Google). But ChromEngage has removed ALL tech hassles.  

Submitting it to the Google Directory was shockingly simple, you just upload the zip file and that’s it.  It takes about 15-30 minutes for it to populate across the internet, then it’s live and has already gone to work for you.

I really thought there was more to it, but nope – I just used my Google account (the same one I use for email, google docs, youtube etc) and just clicked a button to request dev access.  

Google charges a $5 fee to add up to 20 extensions to their directory (nothing like… iTunes that charges over $100 a year!) and approval to their dev program was instant. Everyone should be using this – and now, it’s so easy, literally anyone can.

Suprisingly, Chrome Engage has probably one of the most beautiful and functional dashboards in a software I have seen in a while. It really is an all-in-one marketer’s dream. Oh, I didn’t even mention the fact that it comes built in with the ability to send UNLIMITED push notifications too – not just capture leads. It’s now or never.  This is your last chance to access ChromEngage at the absolutely lowest price available. Time is running out, act now and get the launch special offer, giving you a chance to create these for yourself in a couple of minutes, for less than $2 each.



Does it really take 2 minutes to make these?

Yeah, in the video Cindy shows how she created one in less than two minutes – but, that doesn’t mean everyone will be able to do that. She had a few things ready (a logo to upload, the description she copy/pasted etc). It took me about 30 minutes to create my first one and now I’ve made a few, I can do the entire thing in about 5-10 minutes.

Are there any extra expenses?

You will need to pay Google $5 to be able to upload the extension zip file ChromEngage makes for you into the directory. This is a Google fee and that $5 fee gives you the ability to upload up to 20 extensions.

What do you mean by ‘unlimited’ push notifications?

You might have seen other platforms adding extra fees per subscriber, or per number of push notifications you send. ChromEngage doesn’t do that. They connect directly to the source of push notifications, Google Chrome. It does require an extra step (which takes about two minutes). You need to click on a link they give you, add your website information and then copy and paste the info you get. For the cost of two minutes work this is part alone is saving me a lot of money in monthly fees that others are charging. Because you’ve gone straight to the source this way, there is no middle man, no extra fees and yes – completely uncapped browser push notifications.

Is there a guarantee and what does that cover?

Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. They don’t have any restrictions by the looks of things, but … I was told that if you refund, your extensions will no longer work. I know I’d rather have the power of extra Google traffic and the extra leads coming in – than my money back… lol, but hey – you do you 😉


9.5 Total Score

Easy To Use
User Rating: No Ratings Yet!

Thank you for taking your time to read my ChromEngage Review. I hope this information will be helpful to you since it is based on my honest thoughts about the tool after testing it.

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